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„This is such an awesome album and singer-song writer duo. A definite „must have“ for all lovers of unique sound and gorgeously composed and arranged songs. I love the female vocals coming in and out of the songs so much. Magic moments! So glad to have this album at home.“

Carol Bertram, Singer-Songwriter (Janeway)


„So proud to have music on „Hurra for Norge“ Shortfilm from Wild Birds & Their Music – we are officially in love with them!“

Lisa Riesner – „Hurra For Norge“ producer, director & leading actress


„Thank y’all for the amazing music!! I’m so glad you could listen to the show too. Your whole album is so amazing and I’ll let you know the next time I have one of your songs on!!“

lazybones, DJ on XRAY FM Radio, Portland (Oregon)


Band & Album:

If there had been a quiet and isolated cabin deep in the woods , the „Wild Birds“ would have worked there gladly. Lacking this kind of backdrop they withdraw into their tiny kitchen-turned-recording-studio amidst the pulsing metropolis of Berlin/Germany to arrange and lay down a bunch of their original songs for their debut album.

The resulting tracks are rootsy, down to earth and slightly out of time… definitely not what you´d expect thinking of Berlin, world capital of Rave, Techno and EDM.

Their story began much earlier, when back in the day, infected with the Americana-Virus by Scorseses „The Last Waltz“, teenager Andie Bird started performing Folk- and Bluestunes at the town square of his Eastern German hometown.

He was permanently haunted by a vision of a ginger haired Gypsy girl dancing barefoot in sunshine and dust over a smoldering campfire – who, when they finally met, turned out to be the free spirit, muse and fellow musician Be Bird.

„Wild Birds & Their Music“ was founded and together they´re performing and rolling down the highway happily ever after – singing of a world of magic and wonder, where mythical figures are still roaming the pathways of existence, freedom and meaning still can be found, where the trees and birds may still be talking to you and your deepest dreams and desires are by chance still alive and kicking …

Their musical vision is deeply rooted in Folk tunes and tales, nourished by their own rich experience in underdog life, melted and stitched carefully together by their music, delivering perfect little glimpses into the timeless beauty and the drama of being alive and human.


„Wild Birds & Their Music“ are:

Be Bird         – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Harmonica, Drums, Sansula, Percussion

Andie Bird   – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lapsteel, Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Ukulele, Piano, Organ, Synths, Drums, Percussion


Album Information:

Artist:             Wild Birds & Their Music

Album Title: „Wild Birds & Their Music“

Number of Tracks:  13

Released on Bandcamp January 1st 2022

Released on Spotify (and other streaming platforms) March 21 2022

Recorded and mixed at Haunted Crossroad Studios, Berlin 2020 – 2021

Mastered by Dennis Kern/Studio Wong, Berlin 2021

All Songs are written and performed by Wild Birds & Their Music

Cover art, photographs and design by Wild Birds & Their Music

© all rights reserved


If you are with the press and/or want to feature our music on your blog or website, please feel free to contact us via e-mail official[at]wildbirdsmusic[dot]com. We can provide you with HQ bandcamp download-codes and anything else you may need.

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